3 essential security tools for small businesses

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Keeping your data safe is one of your most valuable assets. If you don’t have much security in place, there’s a minimum standard you should implement right now.

With how quickly technology and data security best practices evolve, decisions as to which tools will ensure optimal protection can often be overwhelming.

As a basic level of protection, every business should implement these three essentials.

  • Business Firewall

Your firewall is like a watchful sentinel, keeping your IT network safe from unwanted intruders. It stands firm as the first line of defense between you and any potential malicious attackers lurking on the internet – ensuring that only authorized traffic reaches its gates.

  • Password Manager

Password managers store all of your credentials securely, and they can also generate passwords that are nearly impossible to guess.

In addition, it prevents you from writing down your passwords somewhere ‘safe’, which is handy against brute force attacks.

  • VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Your business needs a VPN if you have remote or hybrid workers.

As a result, your employees can access your network from anywhere, without worrying if criminals are watching their online activity.

If you or your employees frequently use public Wi-Fi – especially to access your company’s network – a VPN is a must.

These are our minimum recommendations.

Additional security measures include Multi-Factor Authentication to prove the identity of all users, as well as antivirus software to protect against intrusions. These tools, combined, form a multi-layered security shield that protects against a variety of threats.

However, the most important thing is to establish a security plan that works for your business. Getting professional assistance is a good idea.

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