Cybersecurity Myths Debunked

Cybersecurity Myths Debunked

In many areas, knowledge and facts are often replaced by myths. Such is the case with certain dangerous myths, like thinking lightning never strikes at the same spot twice. For your business, it’s just as important to debunk common cybersecurity myths so that you stay safe.

Myth #1 “My business is too small to get hacked”.

It’s a common misconception that cybercriminals won’t target small businesses. In fact, many times, hackers will target small businesses because they lack the proper security infrastructure in place and may find it more difficult and costly to recover from an attack. Additionally, smaller businesses can serve as steppingstones in certain supply-chain attacks. The hacker may leverage a company’s credentials, such as those associated with vendors, to gain access to sensitive information on larger enterprise networks or even send fake invoices using the compromised firm’s name and reputation in order to spread malware more quickly.

Myth #2 “I just need a good Antivirus”.

With cyber criminals increasingly sophisticated in their methods, effective IT protection is no longer as easy as installing antivirus software. To truly secure your infrastructure and business data, you must take a comprehensive approach implementing multiple layers of defense while continually updating systems to keep pace with evolving threats. Employee security awareness training combined with physical measures – plus network & device checks – can provide the best possible line of defense against those seeking access without consent!

Myth #3 “IT is responsible for cybersecurity, not me.”

Protecting your business from cyber threats requires a team effort. While IT experts are an important part of cybersecurity and can strengthen your infrastructure, at the end of the day, you must rely on our employees to make sure that threats don’t get through.

Employees have been identified as a major weak link in many businesses. Falling for social engineering scams or unknowingly downloading malware could be disastrous. A unified defense strategy among both technical personnel and staff members will give you complete protection against cybercriminals.

Myth #4 “Our productivity will suffer if we have too much cybersecurity.”

Having the right security measures in place can be a major benefit to any organization. Not only is it necessary to keep sensitive information secure, but introducing monitoring and authentication tools into your system also allows employees to work more efficiently without having a fear of disruption or data breaches weighing them down. In other words – better cybersecurity equals improved productivity!

Don’t get sucked into a false sense of security.

Don’t be fooled by myths that could leave your business open to security threats. Working with a team of IT experts is the best way to defend against data breaches, downtime disasters, and more – so don’t take chances! Want to learn more about our cybersecurity solutions? Get in touch today! Call us at (512) 960-2744 or email

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