Protect your accounts from being hacked even while you sleep!

Have you ever felt frustrated by the overwhelming number of notifications from your multi-factor authentication (MFA) app? This is called “MFA Fatigue,” and cybercriminals use this tactic to access your sensitive business data.

MFA plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of your data. It enhances the security of your applications and accounts by requiring you to authenticate your identity through multiple methods, such as a password and a code delivered to your mobile device. However, continuous notifications can be quite burdensome.

Attackers are aware of this fact and will continuously send MFA notifications to employees, often during late hours, in order to increase the chances of someone authenticating a login attempt out of frustration, exhaustion, or simply to end the stream of notifications.

In fact, this technique was used in the Uber breach by Lapsus$, exposing employee information for over 77,000 Uber employees.

So, how do you protect against “MFA Fatigue”?

In an effort to prevent cybercriminals from exploiting notification fatigue, Microsoft Authenticator has introduced number matching as a means of verifying that your MFA notification is associated with the correct login attempt.

How does number matching work?

When an MFA notification is received, a randomly generated number will be presented by the app. To authenticate the login attempt and demonstrate that you are not a cybercriminal trying to gain access to your business data, you must input this number.

In addition to that, Microsoft Authenticator offers the option of biometric authentication, enabling users to verify their identity using facial recognition, fingerprints, or other distinctive physical attributes. This feature serves as a defense against MFA fatigue attacks.

This tool can help you protect your business from cybercriminals and keep your sensitive data better protected.

If you are currently utilizing Microsoft Authenticator, the feature of number matching is readily available for use. Just ensure that your application is updated, and you will have added protection.

If you are using a different MFA system and would like assistance in enhancing or simplifying your security measures, feel free to contact us for assistance.

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