What is Copilot, and how can it benefit your business?

Imagine having a personal assistant for your business who is always available to answer questions, help with tasks, and adjust device settings.

Microsoft’s new AI chatbot, Copilot, makes this a reality.

Whether you’re in the midst of a busy day filled with meetings or need to swiftly make changes on your device, Copilot is there to assist without any hassle or wasted time.

Introducing Copilot, Microsoft’s latest AI assistant taking over from Cortana. What sets Copilot apart is its integration into the Microsoft Edge browser and seamless inclusion in Windows 11, expanding its capabilities to handle a wider variety of tasks.

Have you ever found yourself lost in a maze of menus while trying to locate a particular setting on your device? With Copilot, you can simply request it to make the adjustment for you.

However, Copilot is not integrated into the operating system; rather, it functions as an additional feature of the Microsoft Edge browser cleverly designed to appear as a natural component of Windows 11.

When you summon Copilot, a sidebar emerges from the right side of the screen, presenting an interface that closely resembles Bing Chat’s web version.

Here, you can customize your conversational style and pose inquiries on nearly any subject. Whether it’s requesting Create an image of a tropical beach with palm trees or Develop a five-day itinerary for my upcoming business trip in March, Copilot is prepared to offer assistance.

The most remarkable aspect? Copilot comprehends context, enabling you to ask follow-up questions without having to reiterate specific keywords. It’s akin to engaging in dialogue with an actual person.

You have the option to utilize Copilot for retrieving information from any webpage on Microsoft Edge. All you need to do is ask something like; can you summarize the page I’m viewing on Microsoft Edge? and Copilot will analyze the webpage content and provide a response.

However, it’s important to note that the preview of Copilot in the upcoming Windows 11 2023 update may not accurately represent the final product that Microsoft intends to release. Nevertheless, Microsoft is continuously refining the interface and will introduce additional features in future updates. Despite its current state of development, there’s no denying its potential.

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