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Do you know the cost of a data breach?

A joint study conducted by IBM Security and Ponemon Institute found that the average total cost of a data breach in 2022 was $4.35 million, which represents a 9.8% increase from last year’s report. According to these findings, data breaches continue to be costlier and result in more consumer records being lost or stolen, year after year. 

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Numbers at a glance


Average total cost of a data breach in 2022


Average cost per stolen record in 2022


Average cost per stolen record in 2021

Is your business safe against sophisticated attacks?

Cybercriminals have changed their game.  Today’s cybercrime is more organized than ever, and they are not only after big companies, they are after small businesses as well.

Using sophisticated attacks these cybercriminals are gaining access to valuable company information and selling those records on the dark web. These attacks are costing businesses millions of dollars each year and hurting their reputation. 

How can you protect your business against sophisticated attacks?​

No matter how serious an organization takes cybersecurity, it’s impossible to prevent all incidents and breaches. However, by identifying incidents early in the attack kill-chain and being prepared to respond to them can make the difference between a breach with minor losses and one with several consequences.

Understanding the attack kill-chain is important, but applying a methodical approach to incident management is equally important. Similarly, incident response plans should cover the following steps: Prepare, Identify, Contain, Eradicate, Recover and Learn.


Prepare: ​

When an attack occurs, the security team must be prepared and act with precision.


After completing preparation, the first step an organization needs to take in responding to an incident or attack is to identify it early.


Once the investigation concludes, the next phase is to contain the threat to prevent it from spreading laterally.​

Eradicate: ​

Once the attack is stopped, the security team should focus on eradicating all traces of the attack and restoring systems to pre-attack states.​


The recovery phase's purpose is to fully restore affected endpoints to the pre-attack phase.


The last phase of the incident response process it to learn. This process involves learning from experience and previous mistakes, implementing or updating policies and procedures, and identifying vulnerabilities and quickly patching them.

How can Cyberworks protect your business against sophisticated attacks?

At Cyberworks we understand that traditional endpoint protection such as antivirus software and firewalls are no longer enough to protect against sophisticated attacks. Our security approach contains the following elements:

Managed Firewalls

Intrusion Detection & Prevention (IDS/IPS) | Deep Packet Inspections (DPI) | Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) | Web & Applications Filtering | Audit & Reporting

Managed Endpoint Protection

Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware Protection | Anti-Ransomware Protection | Behavioral Monitoring | HyperDetect & SandBox Analyzer | Endpoint Detection & Response | Audit & Reporting

Managed Email Security

Protection against unsafe attachments | Protection against malicious links | Protection against spoofing | Email archiving | Audit & reporting

Advanced Network Monitoring & Performance

Hardware monitoring | Network statistics | Event log monitoring | Asset discovery & inventory | Audit & reporting

Dark Web Monitoring

Prevent identity theft | Prevent data breaches | Keep credentials safe | Protect personally identifiable information (PII)

Data Protection

Data loss prevention | Hard drive encryption | Content control | Multifactor authentication (MFA) | Monitoring & alerting | Audit & reporting

Data Breach Prevention

Cybersecurity training | Simulated phishing email attacks | Weekly IT security training tips | Monthly security newsletter | Written security policies & procedures | Audit & reporting

Web Security

Web filtering | Safe links | Traffic scan | Browser search advisor

Protect your business from sophisticated attacks.

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