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Complete and efficient data protection for your business

Do you know how much unplanned downtime costs your business?

A recent study conducted by the Ponemon Institute found that the average cost of a single hour of unplanned downtime ranges between $8,000 to $74,000. 

Every business is at risk of losing data either by faulty hardware, natural disasters, cybercriminals or employee mistakes. Whatever the cause might be, if the lights go out for even an hour, companies are at risk. However, losing money can be avoided by having a secure data protection and backup solution in place.

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Numbers at a glance


hard drives crash each week in the United States alone


of small businesses don’t backup their data


of small businesses don’t survive a data disaster

Is your business prepared for a data disaster?

When it comes to data protection, recognizing when a data loss event occurs and how to react is of paramount importance. Sometimes a secure cloud backup solution is sufficient. However, other times critical data must be instantly recovered. 

Since time is money, knowing which techniques to use in any given circumstance is critical and can mean life or death for your business. Do you know the best technique for your business? 

Should you choose cloud backup to protect your bussines?

Every business is at risk of losing data – it’s just a matter of when it will happen. Having a backup solution in place allows business owners to rest easy knowing there is recourse when something goes wrong.

Data Backup is widely employed as the last line of defense to protect against threats like human error, infrastructure failure or natural disaster. A single threat can cripple a business, regardless of whether it is malicious, environmental or accidental. 

Following the 3-2-1 rule of backup (creating three copies of your data, on two types of storage, with one located off-site) keeps your files safe and avoids the worst-case scenario – bankruptcy – should a disaster strike and destroy your local copies. Backup always provides a necessary safety net, but it may not be the solution your business needs. 


How can you protect your business from a data disaster?

A cloud backup solution protects your company’s data so you can always restore your critical business systems. However, in case of a serious outage like one caused by fire, or a flood your backup files will be safe – but it will take days or even weeks to bring the applications back online. When it comes to critical business systems and customer facing services, each hour of downtime cost money and jeopardizes your reputation.

Unlike cloud backup, disaster recovery delivers instant recovery services by running systems through an off-site data center. Businesses can operate remotely while normal processes are restored. Use-cases include local data loss due to human error, software and hardware failures, malware attacks, and natural disasters.

How can Cyberworks protect your business from a disaster?

At Cyberworks we understand that traditional backups are no longer enough to protect against data loss or disaster. Our managed backups and disaster recovery approach contains the following elements:

Managed Backups

Fully Managed Backup & Recovery | Secure Offsite Backup Storage | Full Image & File  Database Backups | AES-256 Encryption | Monitoring & Alerting | Audit & Reporting

Managed Disaster Recovery

Fully Managed Disaster Recovery | Secure Office Recovery Infrastructure | Instant Recovery | Non-disruptive Failover Testing | Automated Backup Verification

Data Protection

Data Loss Prevention | Hard Drive Encryption | Content Control | Multifactor Authentication (MFA) | Anti-Ransomware Protection | Monitoring & Alerting | Audit & Reporting

Data Breach Prevention

Cybersecurity Training | Simulated Phishing Email Attacks | Weekly IT Security Training Tips | Monthly Security Newsletter | Written Security Policies & Procedures | Audit & Reporting

Web Security

Web filtering | Safe links | Traffic scan | Browser search advisor

And much more….

Protect your business from a data disaster.

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